04 February 2013

Hello 2013

Assalamualaikum:) I just downloaded the blogger app so actually this post is a try:/ I have many goals this year:3 well I took so long to have some serious goals didn't I? Haha~btw this is my first post in 2013:) it has been long since I posted something .Hey, I have a life you know.Adios and peace be upon you :)

02 November 2012


Hello and peace be upon you who read this post :) Schooldays are ending~but I bet too much free time can make us stuck in boredom,huh? Have you felt this before? When school is not a happy place and home is like heaven.XD Btw,Hunger Games is amazing!!I have started to read it,and I noticed that there might be some fluff in the trilogyXD well,I'm talking about what Peeta Mellark did,haha~that hard-to-understand boy.Or man.

16 March 2012

Hello to 2012!

I have been very busy until time passed very fast.Hmm..how's your life? Mine's a busy one for this year.Gotta study for PMR this year.Need to put a lot of hardwork,I guess.No more playing around.More focus for the examination.Good luck in everything you did~

14 March 2011


Assalamualaikum!!Life is being so wonderful now..Lmk x nangga blog..hehe..busy bah..homework melobo-lobo!!I hope nothing bad happens this year..Aminn ya rabbal alamin..Hope no one reads my blog..hehhe...hahha..keep trying to be the best..one more thing..don't ask the person who success how THEY learn,but ask YOURSELF how YOU learn..that may help you..:D..Ilal liqo,Wassalam..

12 November 2010

My First Post

Assalamualaikum..Ahlan wa sahlan...Exam dah lmk abis..Anugerah Cemerlang is coming!!Syabas kpd org yg pergi ..boh nervous..embak ilek..Ilal liqo'..Bye!!